Inter-supranational union: Importance

by Saifullah Mustaqueemi

I have discussed the concept of inter-supranational union in my earlier article, inter-supranational union: an alternative to united nation. That it will be an organisation consisting of supranational unions as members. In this article we look on why it is important to frame an international organisation parallel to United Nation, in means, influence and authority in international arena, consisting of unions of countries. Before we go into detailing of this topic, I would like to share  one of my regular observation in the chat room of one of a  social networking site. It happens, many a times, that I enter the chat room and there is nothing to initiate the conversation, on public wall. And some one writes, I am form Australia, just to begin, and a bouquet of reply then comes, I am from india, U.S, from Africa, from Germany,… I AM FROM EUROPE, each wanting attention from the other. And it is the last reply- I am from Europe that grabs my attention every time with renewed vigour. This reply not only reflects on depletion of nationalism as an ideology but even on a new form of ideology-to-emerge and that is “supranationalism” or in this case more specifically continentalism. Even colonel gaddafi in his heydays propounded the concept of united states of Africa.

After the formation of European Union supranational union has strengthened itself with time and space  in multiple dimensions ranging from economic cooperation, environmental concern, military cooperation.  moreover,  not only neighbouring nations or countries from a continent are merging on different grounds but inter-continental union has also come into existence. Like the NATO, which though have been formed off the track for solely military cooperation but is a representation of inter-continental union.

With ever advancing evolution of supranational union and its increasing role in international arena, it is time to search for a new form of organisation to deal with the newest and fastest emerging strongly political ideology, supranationalism. It is for this reason that INTER_SUPRANATIONAL UNION need to be created.

Since the basic drive for supranational union is initiation and establishment of economic cooperation among nations so, apparently,  it seems impractical to think of military conflict among these unions. But if looked carefully, it will be found that most wars in the world have been fought either in lure of economic gains or in fear of economic loss. And since supranational union is basically formed for economic co-operation so conflict concerning economic stability of these unions would invite its attention. Indeed the recent stand of African Union against NATO aggression on Libya was a show of willingness by a supranational union to get involved in resolution of the conflict concerning its member state. And then later after the fall of gaddafi regime a denial to recognise new government was a reflection on the stand supranational unions may take in case its interest is disregarded. Worryingly, even though United Nation’s mandate was abiding to the members of African Union equally as to  rest of the world but AU chose not to cooperate.

Moreover, though it is widely accepted that AU should have been given a chance resolve the Libya issue but NATO by not permitting entry into Libya to envoys of African Union showed that, in defence of its interest, it was ready to face challenges even from Supranational Unions. and it is this development in international polity that need to be analysed rigorously to understand the evolving behaviour of supranational unions.

With supranational Union emerging as an independent political entity existence of United Nation will become futile. Indeed, the futility of United Nations was strongly proved in 2003 when U.S. led NATO imposed war on Iraq without even consulting the organisation thus depriving  it of its world guardianship. While in all the inspections  concerning saddam hussein’s  proposed  hidden weapons of mass destruction United Nations wing IAEA was utilised and later when it remained unfound the importance of united nations was suddenly dumped. Any approval for aggression on Iraq was not asked for from the United Nations thus pointing that if the organisation hindered  progress of foreign policy objectives of world powers(in this case it is U.S. led NATO) then its world-guardianship will not be accounted for.

While, if inter-supranational union existed aggression by a group of nation, more specifically supranational union, would not be possible without the consent of world community or atleast without the approval of major players in the region. Because, firstly, inter-supranational union would be much more powerful then united nation in means and influence for it would consist of supranational unions, which are bigger entity then a nation, as members. Secondly and more importantly, it would not be easily possible to disregard the stands of multiple supranational unions consisting of several states by a single supranational union. Like in case of Iraq war it would not be easily possible by NATO to ignore different supranational unions standing at one front, against NATO, representing their lead nations ,china, Russia, India and many more. And thus diplomacy would ultimately become the priority for finding a solution to the conflict.

The fact that NATO has the potentiality to challenge rest of the world is true. But NATO members fearing economic hardships as a result of strained relationships with the members of opposing supranational union will abstain from this folly. And thus because of inter-supranational union diplomacy will become the ultimate cable for search of solution to most of the conflicts in international arena.

Like the example above a lot many example can be analysed to look that inter-supranational union has the potentiality to resolve conflicts in ways better then United Nations can. It is for this reason that it is required.

In my future articles I will try to take up some more important ongoing or recently gone issues in the international arena and will explain the role of iter-supranational union in that condition in the then international condition. Moreover, I will also take up issues concerning structural difference among different supranational unions and discuss the point of collision for these unions. apart from this in as series of articles the benefits of establishing this organisation to nations like Inida, China, Russia, U.S and European Union and African Nations will be dealt with, God Willing.




by: Saifullah Mustaqueemi

With United Nations constant failure to resolve diplomatically issues concerning international peace and stability, it is time that an alternative media prioritizing diplomacy to war be searched for.

No longer a serious conflict between two nations remains confined but affects, and indeed engulfs other nations creating blocks thus leading to volatility in relations even among nations not directly associated with the conflict.

United Nations in principle has acted more as final authority responsible for maintaining certain global order than a medium coordinating sustenance and creation of a peaceful world. It is engaged more to forward the interest of powerful elite than to serve the purpose of its creation.

Because of politico-economic co-operations, the arena of international politics today involves supranational union as common players supporting and opposing the states of their interest.

Keeping this ground reality into focus, it is required that we search for an organization that would enhance diplomacy among supranational unions to reduce chances of outbreak of war.

The purpose of this article is to put forth the conception of inter-supranational union as a substitute to United Nations.

Inter-supranational union as the name suggests would be an organization consisting of supranational unions like African Union, NATO, ASEAN and so on. The purpose of this platform would be to resolve, through diplomacy, international issues concerning supranational unions. This platform can also be guided to resolve issues among nations represented by different supranational unions.

Today the states are fast merging on cooperative grounds to shield their political and economic state as well as advance in their field of concern. This growing tendency of states towards unionization for creation of bigger platform for cooperation is not only for co-development but also a measure for territorial security and safeguard of sovereignty from alarming powers.

Since supranational unions now have started to play even out of their principle boundaries especially in case of war, therefore, there is substantial attempt in strengthening supranational unions by member states.

With ever increasing influence of supranational unions,  it is not surprising that in future out of conflict of interest the war between nations would ultimately turn into war between unions. The proof to this stand comes from recent shoulder rubbing between NATO and African Union on Libya issue. It is therefore required that a platform for enhancing diplomacy between these unions should be searched for. And this can be effectively done by inter-supranational union comprising of these unions.

In the following paragraphs two recent conflicts will be considered and the role this hypothetical organization might play in that particular situation.

Consider recent NATO aggression over Libya that finally engulfed African union apart from other secondary nations.

African union to the last breathe of Gadhafi regime opposed any strike over the nation and also declined to recognize the new government.

While NATO since the beginning of civilian uprising demanded ouster of Gadhafi and finally poached in leading to death of thousands of civilians and huge capital destruction. The difference could have brought NATO and African Union to the loggerhead if they were comparably powerful.

Though NATO acted on UN’s consent but United Nations being an international organization did not legitimately act by approving the interest of a group of nations i.e. NATO and defying to recognize that of the other i.e. African Union.

If inter-supranational union existed, through effective diplomacy concerns of both NATO and AU could have been addressed and simultaneously the military aggression, possibly, could have been avoided.

The organization would coordinate to bring to a single platform both NATO and AU and would mediate to bring them to terms. And then both NATO and AU could have acted in coordination to find a better solution, than war, to Libya problem.

Now let us consider the Iranian imbroglio. The conflict concerning Iranian nuclear program today is verbal and attack-from-behind-the-door type. But possibility of it turning into a full fledge war is not insignificant enough to be ignored. Ultimately, the war if breaks will not be confined to strait of hormuz.  Indeed it will engulf most part of the middle east.

Given the military capability of Iran, which no matter how insignificant relative to those of United states, Israel and the West, the war will no longer remain one sided. It is therefore required to search for a platform to initiate effective diplomacy then for anything else and for this we need to peep into arenas out of United Nations, for United Nations with all its means and influence has failed to resolve the issue.

And the proneness of conflict to turn into war is fast materializing. In future if war comes out to be the ultimate solution then it will be only at the behest of United Nations which failed to find other solutions.

Today the world is threatened more by war initiated under curtains of Iranian nuke program than the nuclear Iran. Thus Iranian nuke program need to be settled to avoid war.

An effective step in this regard was taken in May 2010 by Turkey and Brazil. They, diplomatically, reached an agreement with Republic of Iran to ship the material of concern out of its boundary. This highly appreciated agreement failed only because the world powers did not approve of it.

If inter supranational organization existed and played a lead role in reaching consensus with Republic of Iran then signed agreement would not be that easily deemed vague. Reason, the diplomatic cable will include not only the friends of iran as was the case with turkey-iran-brazil agreement but even suspicious nations like Israel, U.S. and E.U members. So any agreement would include consensus of both sympathizers as well as detractors.  Moreover, with supranational unions as  influential players in resolution of conflict the states with close ties to iran would spontaneously become part of diplomatic cable and this will surely lead to profluent diplomacy. Thus inter supranational union has more prospect in resolution of Iranian issue then United Nations.

Acknowledgement:  I am highly thankful to Mohammed Azeemullah, opinion writer(Tripoli post, Libya) and  lecturer(English) at College of Education, University of Al-Merghib, Libya, for checking this article and clarifying some of the points.