(continuation of) supranational union: structural difference and their point of collision

Moreover with the creation of ISU the centralisation of power in international arena, as is the case with U.N, will decrease sufficiently and the channelization of power will take place because ISU will use supranational unions to resolve regional conflicts. Take for example, the ongoing upheaval in the middle east or even the already gone one in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia. at all the places that saw arab spring and was overseen by united nations the dictator ship has been replaced by anarchy that seems to have no end and while places like Egypt and Tunisia that remained untouched by United Nations are functionally peaceful.  This is because the heavy weights of united nations are acting on the track defined solely by their national interest and anything that is coming on its way is considered an off the table option. Be it that of interest of the citizens, stability of the conflicting nations,  stability of the region. So providing a comprehensive solution to conflicts in international arena is beyond the scope of United Nations.

While, if instead of U.N inter-supranational union was present it could deliver this responsibility efficiently and effectively. The reason is inter-supranational union would use supranational unions membering countries in conflict, incase of Libya it would be AU, to resolve the conflict. Therefore the solution to the conflict would include stability of the region, stability of the nation, interest of their citizens. And since all the three are integrated to one another because stability in a region can be achieved only through political stability of all the nations and since nations can be stable only through a peaceful mass, therefore regional unions of nations i.e. supranational union are the best option for resolution of conflicts in a region. Incase supranational union fails to find a solution ISU will intervene directly for imposing the best solution for citizens of the conflicting nations. In the next section we will analyse separately different situations that may arise in the world politics and the behaviour of ISU in that particular situation.